Our Audit & step-by-step implementation roadmap will show you how to immediately increase your google ads revenue, without sacrificing ROI.

Watch this quick video to see how our fREE step by step roadmap increases google Ads revenue all whilst maintaining a positive ROI (and how you can too!)

Our FREE (normally $2k+) audit will provide you with an EXACT step-by-step roadmap to achieve your desired revenue targets, whilst maintaining a profitable return on ad spend.

Your Step-By-Step Roadmap To Maximise Google Ads Revenue, Without Sacrificing ROI.

Here’s What Your FREE Google Ads Audit Includes


Wasted Ad Spend & Restricted Revenue

Allowing you to immediately increase ROI, at no additional cost.

Pinpoint exactly where you drive the most revenue is and how you can double down your ad spend (confidently) to see a drastic increase in new business, without sacrificing ROI.

Conversion Tracking Analysis & Insights

We show you how we create a 99% accurate conversion tracking setup that you truly rely on.

Make changes that create the biggest (positive) impact on your revenue & ROI, without letting in-accurate conversion tracking setup be the downfall of your ad account.

Attribution Insights & Touch Point Analysis

Showing you the micro touchpoints that lead to the most important sales for your business.

Put trust in your advertising data after we've shown you how to optimise your conversion tracking, and identify each touch point that leds to sales.

Ensuring you are confident on where to distribute your ad budget, effectively.

Merchant Center & Shoppping Feed Analysis

Your Google Shopping & PMAX campaign(s) performance is solely reliant on the data within your Merchant Center.

If you’re not correctly optimising product titles, fixing feed errors, mapping product attributes or creating ROI driven product segmentation buckets, you could be leaving TONS of money on the table.

Search Term Visibility

We will show you exactly what search terms your appearing for and where your competitors are listed

Appearing for the right search terms is vital to your Google Ads performance.

We will identify areas you are wasting ad spend, aswell as seach based trends you can can take advantage of to immediately improve your Google ads revenue & ROI.

Competitor Research & Auction Insights

With Google, you're immediately compared against your competition - do your ads standout (in the right way)?

We analyse your competitor copy, creatives, product pricing, and website / product page structure to ensure you are always one step ahead of your competition.

Brands Who Drastically
Increased There Google Ads Revenue & ROI
With Our Bespoke Audit & Roadmap


Your step-by-step roadmap

Showing You Exactly What To Change To immediately increase your Google Ads Revenue, without sacrificing ROI:

Book Your Introduction Call With The Founders

This is a no-obligation call with one of the Co-Founders - Theo Clarke/Joe Morrobel (not some sales rep).

The goal of this initial call is to learn more about you, assess your current situation and desired outcome, and get the required access to begin developing your bespoke Google Ads audit and proposed roadmap/strategy.

Developing Your Audit & Proposed Strategy

The auditing process typically takes 2-3 working days, during which we'll analyze your ad account and backend processes to create a personalized proposed strategy (typically 10+ pages of insights, tailored to your business).

Secondary Call To Run Through The Audit Findings And Proposed Roadmap

Once complete, we'll invite you to a 60-minute strategy call to run you through step-by-step exactly what you need to do, to immediately maximise your Google Ads revenue and ROI. Allowing you to ask questions to ensure your confident in the proposal and next steps in achieving your desired results.

Want Us To Implement & Manage Everything For You?

Note: We Only Charge A Percentage Of The Additional Revenue We Drive, Ontop Of Your Existing Results

We can immediately pull the biggest levers for growth identified in your audit and roadmap, backed with a money-back guarantee.

Setting new goals and targets month over month, to ensure your business is growing, not remaining stagnant. 

In as little as 30 days, achieve the results projected in our audit & roadmap (plus so much more) supported by our team of senior strategic account managers, led by one of our Co-founders / CMO Joe Morrobel.

Ex 8 Figure Global Marketing Agency CMO - Managing spends upwards of $20k per day, working with brands such as All33, Yellow Leaf Hammocks (Featured on Shark Tank), Low Brow Customs and many more!

Take advantage of our breakthrough account audit & roadmap — at no cost — by booking a personalized, 1-on-1 call with one of the founders today.

Results From Implementing Our Audit Suggestions & Roadmap! 💎

On Average Businesses See At Least A 30% Increase in Revenue & ROI
After 90 Days Of Implementing Our Audit Suggestions & Roadmap

TROPEZ OFFICIAL:+796% Revenue Growth Within 12 Months


"Profit Driven Marketing increased our monthly revenue from £25,906 to £206,418 within just 12 months, working with them has completely transformed our business.

Their dedication to our success has been evident every step of the way. The team truly understands what it takes to drive results for eCommerce businesses, and we're grateful to have them as a partner.

We highly recommend their services to any brand looking to achieve revenue growth and success."

Lucas Yazdanfar - Co-Founder at Tropez Official

RPM Power - +33% Additional Revenue Within 90 Days


”Within the first 3 months of onboarding, Profit Driven Marketing increased our total sales revenue by an amazing 33%, whilst also increasing our ROAS from 579% to 634%.

Their expertise in Google Ads and strategic approach to maximising ROI, paired with transparent communication and regular reporting has given me complete confidence in their abilities, and I'm grateful for their dedication to our success.

I highly recommend their services to any eCommerce brand looking for revenue growth via Google Ads."

​Rody Curran - Managing Director at RPM Power​

More Results From Implementing Our
Audit & Step By Step Roadmap...

Meet The Founders

Theo Clarke


  • Owned, scaled and sold a successful eCommerce business.
  • Digital Marketing Mentor for Drop Ship Lifestyle (rated the #1 eCommerce course by Shopify).
  • Host of the Theo Clarke Podcast, interviewing successful eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Joe Morrobel


  • ​Ex CMO at SV Marketing, an 8 figure global marketing agency
  • ​Working with US titans such as Yellow Leaf Hammocks, All 33, Low Brow Customs & many more.
  • ​Managing advertising accounts with spends up to $1,000,000 per/month.

Your Typical Agency vs Profit Driven Marketing

Your Typical Agency

  • Focused only on vanity metrics (Revenue & ROAS)
  • Sold by a salesman then assigned to a junior
  • Reactive communication, not proactive
  • Basic, limited tracking & attribution setup
  • Chat GPT - Copy & paste copywriting
  • No KPI's or scaling strategy

Profit Driven Marketing

  • Focused on true profit for the business, at a product/SKU level
  • ​​​​Founder led team with senior account managers
  • Proactive communication, not reactive
  • Accurate multi-channel tracking & attribution - true visbility
  • Full funnel budget allocation inline with KPI's
  • Expertly crafted copywriting, using advanced copywriting frameworks

Frequently Asked Questions


We guarantee that we’ll outperform your current ad performance or you don’t pay us. ​We invoice you only for the additional revenue generated by our services, on top of your existing results from paid advertising. So if we don’t drive any additional revenue, then we don’t get paid. Which means our incentives are aligned.

Before onboarding any of our clients, we have a process which allows us to identify where you are currently at within your eCommerce journey. As well as the exact next steps required to achieving your desired goals & targets. During our initial call, we will run you through exactly what we look into during the audit.

Our current team consists of 4 media buying experts with a shared vision to provide excellent service to all of our clients.

Yes, we do. Simply book a free call here

Rolling month to month agreements , you don’t have to worry about long-term contracts or traditional agency headaches. We ensure that our clients are content and comfortable with the arrangement we come to an agreement on so it makes sense for both parties at scale.

We have successfully owned, scaled and exited our own ecommerce brand, therefore we are well aware of the challenges that brand owners encounter, having overcome them ourselves. We take great pride in our company culture. If a client does not align with the culture at PDM, they will be removed from our client list, regardless of the size of their brand. On top of a dedicated Slack channel for each client with the PDM team for daily 1-on-1 communication and monthly meetings, clients will receive in-depth progress reports during the week.